Buy The Tiniest Apartment In The World … For Just $68,000

Do you have an extra $68,000 laying around and an unbridled sense of irony? Then why not purchase the smallest apartment in the world! No, surprisingly, it isn’t a bathtub in someone’s Soho apartment — it’s a closet-sized space in Rome’s Piazza di Sant’ Ignazio. What do you get for your $68k? A bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet, as well as a sleeping platform and ONE window (accessible only by climbing over the bed).

What might possess someone to purchase this dinky domicile?Italians are actually clamoring to purchase the small space. One possible reason: the “apartment” is just steps from Palazzo Grazioli, where Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resides in considerably more space.

This Italian bed-sit is tops when it comes to tiny — New York’s smallest apartment is a practically luxurious 175 square feet and includes an actual kitchen sink.

We could think of a bunch of better ways to spend $68,000, that’s for sure. [Telegraph]