“ANTM” Challenges Girls To Conveyor Belt Runways Of Death

Sometimes we think “America’s Next Top Model” should be renamed “America’s Next Top Indiana Jones In High Heels.” Some of these challenges are absolutely insane! And dangerous! In the latest episode, Tyra sends the girls down a runway with super speedy conveyor belts. Mix that with high heels and floor-length gowns and you’re asking for it. [The Cut]

After the jump, some of the most dangerous model moments in “ANTM” history.

Cobblestone Pathway of Death: In Season 7, the girls are forced to strut in high heels on a cobblestone walkway wearing masquerade masks, obstructing the girls’ vision, making them almost blind. (The good stuff starts at about 1:21.)

Platform Heels of Death: This one is truly painful—when Tyra makes Season 6 contestants walk in 10-inch Vivienne Westwood heels. For real?

Swinging Pendulums of Death: Not only does Alexandra fall once, but then a giant gong hits her off the runway. Crying, she says, “That’s something I never saw happening to myself.” You can say that again.