And The Prize Goes To … The Best Football-Watching Tradition

Last week, we asked you to share your football-watching traditions. And I just have to say you all had me seriously jealous I don’t have one of my own. Seriously, just the thought of chili, nachos, and cozying up with friends and family has me wanting to find a group of football fans with room for one more. OK, enough about me. I’m sure you want to know who won the My Coke Rewards Tailgating Prize Pack. The winner is maroon, whose name makes total sense now, for this tradition:

“Fall weekends are like religious events for our household. My husband and I are die-hard Virginia Tech Hokies fans and we’re season ticket holders. Every weekend we wake up on Saturday already wearing some form of maroon or orange to support the team- yes, I jump at the chance to buy anything cute and sexy and maroon. We tailgate EVERY weekend, home or away. Home games start in the parking lot at 7am with the tent and solar satellite setup, while I cook the guys breakfast and make Irish coffee. When the team is away, we make our tailgate breakfast at home indoors, complete with VT-shaped pancakes, Irish coffee, mimosas, and delicious bacon. Mmmm, bacon. We have ESPN gameday coverage on in the kitchen and the family room until game time, and then it’s a frenzy of texts, phone calls, etc between family and friends who are all watching the game on TV either in the next town over or from across the country. There’s a good reason why we’re called the Hokie Nation.”

Find out the winners of the My Coke Rewards points after the jump. bdubs629:

“My dad and I have been watching the Steelers win and lose since I was in 4th grade. At that time I became a cheerleader and my dad wanted me to become an “educated” cheerleader. So, every Sunday (or the occasional Monday or Thursday) my mom would start cooking her famous chili in the morning. By the time the game started the whole house would smell delicious and my dad and I would have our matching jerseys on (first Bettis as of late Ward) and we would eat chili and yell at the tv together until I understood what I was yelling about! Now that I’m in college I still wear my ward jersey on game days and I know my dad is at home wearing his too eating my moms chili!”


“I learned early in life if I wanted to spend time with my Dad it would have to be in front of the television watching football. He was (and still is) a man of few words. To make it interesting, my 5 year-old self decided to always root for the opposite team. So, since my Dad was a huge Michigan fan, I grew up a huge Michigan State fan. Even now, in my 40’s, I still make time for my Dad every weekend during football season. Sometimes, it’s just the second half of the Michigan game or the first half of Monday Night Football, but other times I have my parents over for an entire day of football just like the old days. And, believe me, it IS just like the old days. My mom takes over my kitchen like it’s her own and it’s my Dad and I side by side on the couch rooting for opposite teams.”


“I live in Jacksonville and am a die-hard Jaguar fan. As many may know, the city was awarded the franchise in 1995, so I was eleven when NFL ascended upon us. Being a newer, smaller market team has given us some struggles when it comes to garnering ticket sales and fans. What is exciting now, is that after a season where 9 of the 10 games were blacked out, there is a resurgence of football pride in this city like no other. People my age, who grew up watching the team are now in a financial situation where we can buy season tickets, and buy we did! The crowd at Everbank Field was intense yesterday as we watched Josh Scobee kick a field goal in the last seconds of the game from 59 yards out (59!) to beat our division rivals who were strongly favored to demolish us. My football tradition, the one I share with the city of Jacksonville, may not be as deeply-rooted as Notre Dame or the Packers, but it is here to stay. I can’t wait to pass on this tradition when I have children one day and tell them that while the rest of the country was mocking us, I was part of a generation determined to keep this team in the city it belongs.”


“My first date with my husband was a Jacksonville Bulls game in the 80’s. It has been football every since. Every year my husband brings out a wooden football with a cross stitch that says “We interrupt this marriage to bring you the football season”. Our wedding was in the fall and we had to make sure it was a Saturday that both of our college teams played durning the day so we could have a evening wedding. For 11 years we loved watching our Son play football. Football has been a huge part of our family. Now our Son is in college and now it is just my husband and I watching Football games together on Saturday and Sunday. United States Football League and the Jacksonville Bulls may be long gone but our love for each other and football will lasts forever.”