3 Famous Ladies Accused Of Throwing Punches

I feel like we’re in one of those cartoon episodes where the bad guy puts something in the water supply to make everyone angry. Because this morning, in rapid succession, I saw three stories about famous ladies getting aggro. First, the least believable of the stories: A 17-year-old claims that Jodie Foster attacked him in a parking lot in May. According to Tony Jr., who won’t give his last name, he had just seen a movie with his girlfriend when he spotted Foster in the parking lot with her kids. He says that he snapped a few photos of them, at which point Foster allegedly pushed him and said, “Do you even have a mother, you slime ball?” He says Foster grabbed his arm, leaving multiple bruises and claw marks. He also claims that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office did a serious injustice when they dropped the case. See what I mean about this one being a little far-fetched? [Radar]

But several other ladies of note lost their cool recently. Last week, Ramona Singer of “The Real Housewives of New York” got angry while filming a scene at her apartment. A source claims, “She was furious and felt like the producers were ganging up on her,” a source said. “She got herself worked up over filming this scene and one thing led to another, and she punched the producer. Literally.” [Us Weekly]

And Angelina Pivarnick of “Jersey Shore” got in a scuffle with a limo driver. Supposedly, the driver was hitting on Angelina’s mom and when she turned him down, started cursing her. He pulled the car over. At which point, Angelina punched him in the head and kept on swinging. “After Angelina fought with the guy he called his brother who immediately arrived on the scene, and then threatened to get more people to come and fight us,” Angelina’s mom claims. 
“It was scary because it was 3:00am and we were in a bad neighborhood.” [Radar]

Do we believe these stories or is this all tabloid nonsense? And if these stories are true, what’s up with all the lady fights?