21 Pieces Of Costume Jewelry That Are Even Better Than The Real Thing

chanel 10810 m jpg
I’m an internet shopaholic/insomniac, which is a dangerous combination if you’re a vintage hoarder collector like me. One night this week, I stumbled upon this totally amazeballs site, Catwalk. It’s so glamorous I surf it with my sunglasses on. All it has are Chanel baubles from the ‘50s and on, like these three gorgeous gold delights. I’m with Rachel Zoe — for Chanel, I die! If some man wanted to propose to me, forget diamonds. I would totally rather he used one of these fabulous CC couture pieces. Then I’d really know I’d found the one!

Seriously, sometimes costume jewelry is even better than the real thing to an accessory whore like me … I have a full-length mirror cabinet, a dresser, plus two Caboodles full of fake jewels. Still, I would also love to add the following incredible 18 pieces to my faux jewelry fashion library, for reals.

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