10 Ways Men Can Show Women Their Love

The guys at Esquire have published a fantastic listicle for their male readers giving them 10 ways they can show the ladies in their lives their love. Unlike some of those insipid lists over at Men’s Health (remember this one? Or this one? Or this one?!), this is one we can actually give a big thumbs-up to. Take number one, for example: Make a decision. Yes, yes, yes! Guys, this is number one for a reason. When you make decisions, it shows you’re confident, and confidence, as any woman will attest to, is hot. I love the last one on the list, too: Just show up. “Deliver the message in person. Avoid texting, cellphones, e-mails. Walk to your car, drive across the city, find a parking spot, go into her office, suffer the niceties and small talk of her inane office workers, greet her, pull her to the side and tell her that you were thinking about [her].” This is such a big one. In an era when we are so dependent on technology to deliver our messages, a face-to-face delivery really means so much.

So, male readers out there, what are some of the ways we women can show you we love you? Leave your answers in the comments, or email me at [email protected] and I’ll post the best answers next week.