DIYing It: Holey Tee (Win It!)

diytee 100610 m jpg
So, we’ve been loving all the holey tops all over the place lately — but not the price tags. But making one yourself is a really great DIY project. It involves no sewing and minimal concentration; you can even make it in the evening while watching TV or on a rainy Sunday when all you want to do is stay inside. We started with a thrifted tee in size XL, so it works with all of the loose-fitting trends going on right now. After a quick trip through the wash (a must for all thrifted items!) we are ready to start! You will need:

  • T-shirt in a loose-fitting size
  • Ruler (we used a 2” wide, 18” long clear ruler)
  • Permanent marker
  • Sharp pair of scissors

For inspiration: $187, American Retro

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