“Bachelor Pad” Winners Share Their Plans For The Money. And They Are Lame.

I know this question has been burning a hole in your hearts for the past few weeks: Whatever happened to Dave Good and Natalie Getz, the pair who won “Bachelor Pad“? Well, they are no longer together, which seemed pretty obvious to anyone who watched the final episode. They opted to share the $250K grand prize, so each walked away with $125K, which translates to $90K after taxes. Natalie, as she promised, is spending her loot paying off her student loans. She’s also using the cash to found a celebrity stylist firm, which is tragic considering that the girl’s favorite item of clothing is the tutu.

But Dave has far sillier plans for his money.Friend Jesse Csinscak tells Radar, “Dave is going to use a large chunk of the money towards publishing his new book, The Man Code. He’s an alpha male and never sugar coats his opinion on how men should act. There’s a certain code among guys that they should follow and Dave is going to share them in his new book.”

I think I’ll be skipping that read. And I’m guessing the rest of America will, too. Might I suggest flushing your money down the toilet instead? [Radar]