Would You Pay To Have Kate Bosworth Tell You What Jewelry To Buy?

These days, you can ask anyone for style advice. Ask Rachel Bilson what sunglasses will look good on your enormous head. And now, you can consult Kate Bosworth on your accessorizing needs. The actress has teamed up with her stylist Cher Coulter and the shopping website JewelMint to create a new jewelry-buying experience. How it works: You take a fashion quiz to determine your personal style, and each month, “Kate, Cher and the JewelMint team will recommend personalized jewelry.” It’s a subscription based service, so if you want to purchase something (at 70 percent off retail) you have to pay $29.99 per month (but you’re not charged for a month you don’t make a purchase). As a member, you’ll also have access to Kate and Cher’s “custom designs.” I’m skeptical about services like this. For me, personal style suggestion type websites often make me feel like someone’s telling me I know nothing about fashion. And I am really, really unlikely to pay a fee to belong to an online community … On top of that, the site’s description of the Bosworth-designed jewelry seems cryptic. What is “personalized jewelry”? You can’t really see examples of what’s for sale except for in the “past collections” section, which has Bosworth’s picture next to the designs, but doesn’t explicitly say they were created by her. But maybe this is the point in changing the direction of online shopping? That instead of your selling point being “X celebrity designed this and you can get it here,” the store is in fact the main concept, and not secondary. Also, what exactly qualifies Kate Bosworth to design jewelry, anyway? She’s never been much a jewelry tastemaker to me.

Still, just out of curiosity I began the registration process and quiz. It was actually kind of fun until I hit the personal info page which demanded a credit card number even though JewelMint guarantees no charge if you don’t buy. I can’t justify giving someone my credit card information just to browse. Nevertheless, I do admit feeling surprisingly intrigued. But still skeptical. Is this the kind of thing you’d be into? If so, why? [JewelMint via Blackbook]