The 10 Juiciest Quotes From Oksana Grigorieva’s First Interview

The audio of Mel Gibson horribly berating his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, has done more than enough damage to his career and has left him with the label of an overall horrible human being. Though Oksana has hardly left the drama unscathed, plenty of unsavory rumors have spread about the Russian singer—including that she is a gold digger, extortionist, liar, and bad mother. As a result Grigorieva gave an exclusive interview to People magazine this week to tell her version of the truth about her relationship with Gibson. After the jump, the most revealing quotes from the five-page interview. On the birth of their daughter, Lucia:

“He said that he wanted to have a ‘love baby’—a baby of out of love. We were very happy. For two years he was hiding his dark side very well. I was very much in love with him.”

On what led up to the Jan. 6th abuse:

“A baby sitter was watching Lucia, and I was at my son’s basketball game. Mel was calling me throughout the game, screaming. ‘Where are you? I hate this baby sitter! The baby’s crying!’ When I got home his face is pale, he’s frothing at the mouth. I’d never seen him that bad.”

About the Jan. 6th incident:

“He got enraged and he started screaming, ‘Where are you going, effing c-word?’ I told Sasha [my son] to hide under the bed. Mel ran in started screaming all kinds of nasty words. Then he just hit me twice with the fist. Boom, boom, to my head and my mouth. I fell on top of the bed. I’m just covering the baby and not protecting myself. He proceeds to choke me with both his hands. He was screaming in my face. Everything was happening very fast.”

“[Then] he just screamed, ‘Get the eff out of here.’ We ran to the police, barefooted. I know that my veneers are missing because I can feel it. I went into the kitchen to grab my keys and he’s pulling a gun out of his shorts. He said, ‘I’m gonna effing show you how to effing leave here.’ I thought he would kill me.”

On why Mel had problems with anger:

“He told me many times he’s very depressed. He said he had thoughts of suicide and he would’ve killed himself many times if he wasn’t Catholic. He’s afraid of hell.”

On why she didn’t leave him after the abuse:

“You can’t just cut off love when you’re a victim of domestic violence. He was begging for another chance the following day. On his knees. He apologized for hitting me. He said he will never, ever touch me [again].”

On the Feb. 18th incident:

“It was the tree planting ceremony for Lucia. Each child of Mel’s has a tree planted somewhere at the mansion and each tree has a placenta from that child planted under the roots of the tree. Lucia started crying, and I went back into the house. Mel followed me … he started picking on my English. I told him he was being mean, and he got enraged. Throughout the day, he came back, yelling and screaming. At some point he grabbed Lucia, tossed her in my arms. He said, ‘take her or I’ll hurt her.'”

On why she sounds so calm on the recorded phone calls:

“I was so exhausted. That’s the only time I ever recorded him, [but] there were so many of those phone calls. What’s the point of coming down to the same level of an enraged animal?”

On her current financial situation:

“I’m so severely in debt. I haven’t been paying my lawyers. I’ve been borrowing from friends. The child support that was granted a couple of days ago—$20,000 a month—will slowly get me out of debt, but I haven’t seen any of that yet.”

On what she wants for Mel:

“He just needs to be a man. He has to have courage to be responsible for what he’s done, and then maybe God will forgive him, maybe his daughter will forgive him. Maybe we’ll all forgive him.”