“Brad Pitt” And Other Criminals With Crazy Identities

criminal brad pitt jpg
In Florida, the Sunshine State, it’s still summertime! And while many celebs love to vacation on the beaches down there, police just didn’t believe this man who claimed to be “Brad Pitt.” When the police approached the pervy perp, he was lying naked and face up, no tan lines in sight, on Fort Walton beach. Since he didn’t have a place to keep a driver’s license on him, when they went to book him for public indecency, the man explained to them that he was Brad. Unfortunately, while totally hilarious, that was not the way to go. When he lied about his identity, he racked up a second misdemeanor. Ouch! Although, apparently, the dude, whose real name is James Walton, 43, was no stranger to the Okaloosa County lockup. Shocking. [Dayton Daily News]

Crime does not pay, folks. But it sure can be funny when criminals have crazy fake identities. Thanks to our friends at (the newly revamped) The Smoking Gun, here are our fave wackadoo wrongdoers that’ll have you wondering: “Who the eff do they think they are?!”

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