10 Reasons Why Michael Sheen Is Awesome For Rachel McAdams

A new secret celebrity couple has been outed! Photos have surfaced of Rachel McAdams and Welsh actor Michael Sheen looking quite cozy. Now that the shock of newness has worn off, the media is starting to question if Sheen is good enough to steal McAdams’ heart. And I am here to say he is. The reason that everyone is worrying about this is because Michael isn’t Ryan Gosling enough. He isn’t a tall, stunning, smoldering man and he didn’t fall in love with her while making “The Notebook.” But that shouldn’t be held against him! Because the truth is he is an awesome guy. Here are 10 reasons to prove it.

  1. For those in doubt of Sheen’s capability to court a stunning leading lady, just see his relationship with Kate Beckinsale. The two shacked up for seven years, having a daughter during that time as well. And you can’t fight me over the undeniably sexiness that is Kate Beckinsale.
  2. Speaking of Kate, it seems that Sheen could use a little heart healing. Sheen’s split with the starlet was the result of her leaving him for “Underworld” director Len Wiseman. Did I mention that both halves of the past couple starred in “Underworld” together? Ouch!
  3. Rachel And Michael are starring in a movie together. The pair both played a part in “Midnight In Paris,” which recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. The co-star chemistry worked pretty well for Rachel and Ryan. Hopefully, this time the magic of shared screen time can make this relationship last even longer.
  4. Sheen knows how to treat a lady. He has said that McAdams is a “genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented so, you know, she’s got it all going on there.” And when he was with Beckinsale, Sheen defended his lover’s honor by punching a co-star who bad-mouthed Kate. Well, at least you know he’s got your back.
  5. His hometown loves him, which means we should too. In 2008, Michael Sheen becoming the youngest person to receive the honor of “freedom” of his homeland Neath Port Talbot. While the title is mostly ceremonial, it does include a few perks. For example, Sheen is now allowed to herd sheep down the busiest road of Port Talbot. I bet you Hayden Christensen is calling him as we speak.
  6. This guy is all about giving back, especially when it comes to soccer-related charities. Sheen is the Vice President of his hometown’s football club and participated in Soccer Aid, a celebrity and professional football game that earned over 2.6 million pounds for UNICEF UK. On top of all this, Michael is a honorary patron for the charity Scene & Heard, an organization that helps London’s inner-city children. I am overloaded with “Awws.”
  7. He is a royal, well, not exactly. But, Sheen has played some important figures, including portraying Prime Minister Tony Blair a combined three times on the big and small screen. Let’s hope that Tony is a Michael fan as well.
  8. The man’s got skills. Sheen has been nominated for dozens of acting awards for his work in film, television, and theater. His most recent batch of nominations piled in for his portrayal of British journalist David Frost in the stage and film adaptations of “Frost/Nixon.” Michael also is athletically gifted—he was offered a trial with professional English football club Arsenal, but turned it down to pursue acting.
  9. GQ magazine named Sheen “Actor of the Year” in their 2009 Men of the Year issue and GQ doesn’t mess around. Maybe, McAdams took a peek at the mag before meeting Michael in person.
  10. He has an adorable Welsh accent. And don’t lie and say that doesn’t mean anything. Everyone knows that a sexy foreign accent has some magical power over a woman’s lady parts. I am sure Rachel is just as susceptible.

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