Wonder Woman Is Coming Back, Beyatch!

I watched re-runs on CBS, I owned the underoos, and I had a fake phone booth in my bedroom where I impersonated voices. That’s why I was beyond nostalgic to hear that David E. Kelly (of “Ally McBeal” fame) is working on a television version of “Wonder Woman” for Warner Bros. It’s crucial that he finds the right actress to play Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter is a tough act to follow. I mean, she looked so good in those huge glasses. [NYMag.com]

After the jump, our casting suggestions for the new Wonder Woman.

Who Could Play The New Wonder Woman?
If “Sesame Street” doesn’t want Katy Perry’s boobs, I’m sure Warner Bros. will be happy to have them.
Jessica Biel could kick some bad guy ass. She also cleans up real nice.
This could be Megan Fox’s chance to redeem herself.
Why couldn’t Wonder Woman be a bodacious redhead like Christina Hendricks? Or if Joan Holloway isn’t free, maybe we can get Megan, aka Jessica Paré, since Don Draper should be dumping her any minute now.
Zooey or Emily Deschanel have that hot black hair/ blue eyes look.
Jennifer Garner proved she could do some butt kicking in “Alias.” How about a reprise?
Sara Ramirez represents what we want Wonder Woman to look like. Plus, she put up with the whole annoying cast of “Grey’s Anatomy,” so she must have superpowers.
If Brooke Shields can still fit into her Calvins from 1981, she can still fit into the part.