Cosmo’s Most Eligible Bachelors Tell Us What To Wear

You can learn a lot from Cosmopolitan’s “50 States, 50 Bachelors” expose. For example, these guys have a startling number of things to say about what a woman should and shouldn’t outfit herself in. Want proof? Check out all the advice they have to give about what a woman should wear to turn them on. That’s a lot of perfectly sculpted abs telling us how we should dress! Because these guys know what you should wear (also, maybe this was just an excuse to post a bunch of hot dudes, whatever).

Pictured here, South Carolina’s Casey Pratt, who wants to see you in anything “purple or lime green.” So, will a California Raisins costume do?

After the jump, we’ve compiled a list of Cosmopolitan’s 2010 Bachelors’ sartorial advice.

Rob Martin, of Rhode Island, hopes you’ll channel your inner tomboy. He likes boy shorts: “You’d think guys would want to see more, but you’re tempting us by covering up a little bit.”
Fashion Advice from Cosmopolitan’s Most Eligible Bachelors
Eric Heidenberger, of Maryland, says dressing down is key: “A workout getup. Black spandex pants and a sports bra on a girl — I go bananas.”
But wait, no! Adam Tiltz, of Illinois, says “a business suit is very attractive.”
Luke Howarth, of Idaho, also likes his ladies doing The Business: “I go crazy for a woman in one of those long, slender pencil skirts. They are classy and cling to her body without putting it all on display.”
Cal Nauman, of North Dakota, wants a woman in “short shorts. I find legs so attractive. The more leg, the better.” We like legs, too! For walking!
Kansas bachelor Mark Margres says he likes “a hoodie and no makeup. If she can look pretty then, you know she’s always pretty.” Then again, he also admits that “my passion is rattlesnakes and alligators.” So, you know.
Jeremy Lowy, of Kentucky, wants you covered up, Burqa-style. His turn-offs are “smoking and wearing skimpy clothes.” Jeremy, let’s go to church together.
And yet! Maine bachelor Derek Lovely (nice name, hot dude!) says you should always be decked in “a miniskirt and tight top.”
Or, you know, be natural: “The sexiest thing is a woman in perfectly fitting jeans” says Montana bachelor Dylan Werst.
Alexander Campos, of Massachusetts, says he loves a lady in white. “I love when a girl wears white. It brings out the color of her skin.”
Arkansas Bachelor Adam Davis has lots to say: he likes “looking at girls in tight jeans,” but hates sunglasses. “It’s no fun when women wear giant sunglasses.” We’ll make sure Nicole Richie gets the memo, Adam!
Florida Bachelor Daniel Elbittar likes “a skirt but no leggings.”
Nebraska’s Forrest Gregory disagrees: “Leggings and heels. They play up the butt and legs.” Mmkay!