One Of These Mariahs Is Not Like The Other

Take a look at the above images of Mariah Carey: In one picture, she’s in an adorable crop top and shorts set. In the other, she’s decked out in pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Which is real and which is fake? It turns out the fully-clothed Carey is Saudi Arabia’s censored version of the image, in which adorable capri pants were airbrushed onto Mariah’s naked legs. In the conservative Muslim country even superstars have to tone it down.

After the jump, some other Mariah Carey album covers and images that have gotten the Photoshop Magic treatment.
Over the rainbow and to some pants. A bikini-bottomed Carey was considered too risque: Pants were Photoshopped on.

A mini-skirt is a no-go, so faux pants are added to the cover of this “Best Of” album.

All that glitters is not gold. In this image for Carey’s mega-bomb film “Glitter,” her snazzy one shoulder number is replaced by a long-sleeved shirt.