Justin Bieber To Host Reboot Of “Punk’d”

No, you are not on “Candid Camera.” But it appears that MTV’s “Punk’d” is in fact coming back. Sources say the “classic” series is getting a reboot. And while Ashton Kutcher will be returning as executive producer, he is rumored to be handing the hosting reins to … Justin Bieber. Yes, that was the sound of every tweenage girl on the planet squealing in unison.
Some people are excited that the Biebs may be getting the gig; they think the fact that he is uber famous at the moment could help him pull some great pranks. But I am concerned. Justin is 16. He is young and from what I can tell doesn’t say a whole lot. Ashton was 23 and known for saying and doing outrageous things when he began the show. Not to mention the fact that Justin is shockingly earnest. I’m guessing his idea of a good prank is telling his dad that pink sneakers are cool. Can he really make this series sing?

Then again, this does bode well for Justin’s future, because Ashton proved to have much longer career longevity than we originally thought. Maybe a hot, single older actress (Jennifer Aniston? Jessica Simpson?) will swoop in and start dating the Biebs? Once he’s 18, of course. [NYMag.com]