Jan Brady Gives Dating Advice

Eve Plumb, better known to the world as Jan Brady from “The Brady Bunch,” is starring in a new off-Broadway show, “Miss Abigail’s Guide to Dating, Mating & Marriage,” where she plays an advice columnist. To promote it, Eve gave some of her own dating tips in The New York Post. I’d happily take advice from the forgotten middle sister. Because Marcia got more guys and Cindy was a cutie with a lisp, Jan had to be more strategic about getting male attention. My favorite nuggets of wisdom from Jan Brady, after the jump!

“Be really careful about dating co-workers. You don’t want to get your honey where you get your money!”

Nice twist on “don’t s**t where you eat!”

“Don’t talk about your toe fungus on your first date. Things to talk about would be your hobbies, without getting in too deeply if they’re really odd. Hobbies, gardening, golf, you could talk about your family — but maybe not tell them about your crazy cousin who was featured on ‘Hoarders.'”

Followup question: What do I talk about if my hobbies are odd and I have an ongoing obsession with the show “Hoarders“?

“People have always been doing it — you know, behind the shed and so on. I think that we’re very fortunate in this day and age that we can make choices about who we sleep with and when.”

Is this a thinly veiled confession about “shed sex”? I hope it wasn’t with the creepy guy who played the dad.

“Realize that everybody has a hard time — no matter how good their life looks. I can guarantee it, so be nice. Know that their success doesn’t diminish you in any way. Find your own success. You might not even want what they have.”

Ahem. This lesson came directly from having Marcia, Marcia, Marcia as an older sister. [NY Post]