Croque Mon Awesome: What’s Your Favorite Sandwich?

I’m definitely one of those “live to eat” people, not an “eat to live” type. And so when I heard about My Social Chef blogger Petrit Husenaj’s chocolate and cheese sandwich my heart began to flutter. So many delicious, fatty calories! Husenaj’s sandwich, dubbed the “Bad Romance,” has all the important food groups — cheese, chocolate, bread and butter — and was inspired by his childhood in Belgium: “I came up with this cheese and chocolate sandwich as a fat kid spending a summer in Belgium and trying to get all things Belgian in my belly,” he says.

I had similar sandwich adventures when I was a kid … I used to make Everything In the Refrigerator Sandwiches — which are exactly what they sound like. Every cold cut, vegetable and condiment shoved between two pieces of bread. They were mostly inedible, but it was the process of making the ‘wich that was the fun part.

Nowadays, my sandwiches aren’t quite so exciting — especially since I’m a vegetarian. But they are still highly delicious: my current fave is something I get at Cookie Road, my neighborhood bakery: Fontina cheese, honey, green apples, lettuce and tomatoes on a baguette. It’s sweet, salty, a little tart and very, very yummy.

Tell us: What’s your favorite sandwich, the ‘wich that makes your mouth water and your stomach growl? Post the recipe (or as much as you know about it) in the comments and we’ll pick out the best ones for a sandwich slideshow later on.