Abercrombie Model Fired For Eating A Croissant On The Job

It ain’t easy being a scantily clad Abercrombie & Fitch model these days. Not only was Belgian male model Florian Van Bael allegedly paid $1,000 less than the female models at a seven-day photo shoot for Abercrombie on Long Island, NY, but he also was under the close eye of ad agency Shahid & Co., which allegedly monitored all the models’ drinking, eating, and workout habits while shooting. The models were given $13-a-day food budgets, but spent 13 hours shooting everyday. A supervisor from Shahid allegedly fired Van Bael for eating a croissant at the wrong time. It’s not exactly clear what “wrong time” means, but if Van Bael is a professional, then it’s doubtful that he tried to eat while photographer Bruce Weber was taking shots. Van Bael’s agent said the issue is a question of respect during an important job. Of course, neither Abercrombie nor Shahid & Co. have made a comment, and it’s almost safe to assume that Van Bael and his agent went to the press about this story.

Van Bael might get a pat on the back from his fellow models for discussing the ridiculousness of his firing, but he’ll probably be remembered by Shahid and other ad agencies as the model who couldn’t keep his mouth shut … that’s if he’s remembered at all. [NY Post]