8 Things Chelsea Handler And 50 Cent Have In Common

So, the interwebs have been abuzz for weeks with the news that Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent might be dating. And last night, they were photographed together at a jazz club in New Orleans, with witnesses saying that they “were getting very hot and heavy with each other.”

Sure, on the surface, this seems like the most illogical couple ever. But they were surprisingly cute and flirty when he appeared on “Chelsea Lately” last year. “I know you have a lot experience with guns, so I had to put mine out,” Chelsea said. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Fiddy replied. After the jump, eight things this maybe couple have in common.

  • They’re both 35.
  • They both adore potato alcohol. She named one of her books Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea and he is supposedly a fan of Belvedere Vodka.
  • They both love a good feud. 50 Cent has beefed with Ja Rule, Diddy, The Game, and Young Buck. And Chelsea has taken on Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and Perez Hilton, after he dissed her VMA hosting job. Wait a second, they both hate Perez—though for the record, we think the way Fiddy handled it is mega-gross.
  • 50 Cent recently said that men who don’t go downtown on women should kill themselves. And oral sex is one of the topics that comes up most often in Chelsea Handler’s stand-up routines.
  • Their names both start with a C. (His is Curtis.)
  • They’ve both published books. Chelsea’s biggest hit was her memoir, My Horizontal Life and Fiddy’s was his memoir, From Pieces to Weight.
  • They both have a sidekick. Chelsea has her assistant, little person Chuy Bravo. And 50 Cent has his dog, Oprah Winfrey.
  • She’s done a Playboy cover, and he’s done an interview inside the mag.

Now that we’ve got the facts laid out, do you approve of this pairing?