Trust Us, You Really, REALLY Don’t Want To Eat That Chicken Nugget

Despite seeing the horrors of the fast food industry in “Food Inc” and “Fast Food Nation,” we must admit that once in a very great while, we say “F**k it,” and stuff our face with a Big Mac while forcing ourselves to think of happy images of unicorns and dancing polar bears—anything but processed meat and slaughterhouses. But after learning about the following, we think even the annual Micky D’s trip will have to come to an end. The above picture is what your raw chicken nuggets look like. And as if it wasn’t gross enough that the goo looks like strawberry ice cream, we then learned this:

  • The substance is called MSC, or mechanically separated chicken
  • It’s a sickening puree of the ENTIRE chicken including bones, eyes, feet, everything
  • It’s then treated with ammonia to destroy bacteria, and then because it tastes so bad, is mixed with artificial flavoring
  • And then dyed pink

Sorry if that ruined your Monday. [Village Voice]