The Canadian Tuxedo: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

fulltux 100410 m jpg
Head-to-toe denim, otherwise known as the Canadian Tuxedo — it’s everywhere right now and I’m loving it. Not necessarily a new style, it IS one that takes some skill. Celebrities like Jay Leno and back-in-the-day couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake have been caught going out in head-to-toe denim — with some very disastrous results. On the runways too, it can be a tough look to pull off. However, there are instances where fashion faux pas are transcended and a truly next-level look is achieved. Take the girl in the picture above. She’s wearing not only the standard jacket and jeans combo, but also a matching acid wash vest, shirt, hat and backpack. It’s a look that screams, “Not only am I a ‘party all night’ kinda girl, I’m gonna steal your 40 and then tip your mobile home.”

After the jump check out the celebs, models and regular people who’ve worn this look and then tell us what you think. Would you wear this? Do you think anyone should wear head-to-toe denim?

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