Style 911: How Do You Wear Clogs Without Looking Like A Blast From The Past?

I’ve been seeing clogs in all forms on the pages of glossy magazines and on the feet of celebrities. I’m sure this is a big trend, but how can an average, moderately-stylish woman take part? I don’t want to look as if I stepped out of the ’70s, though. – Nicole

I know exactly where you’re coming from. So much can go wrong when wearing clogs because they were a shoe that really defined an era. Having lived through one resurgence of the clog back in the early ’90s, I think I’ve figured out the best current way to wear them. Find out after the jump.

Left: Discco Clog, $89.95, Steve Madden
Right: Hansell Clog Boots, $129.95, Steve Madden

Clogs with quite a bit of heel will not be confused for gardening shoes, and even though they give the appearance of small feet, they also elongate the leg. The pair on the left is an updated classic, while the clog boot on the right combines two current trends — military and clogs.

Left: Toothpick Cord, $79.50, J. Crew
Right: Vintage Flare Jeans (Saturated Dark Wash), $69.50, Gap

When it comes to pants and clogs you have two length options — cropped or super long. The cropped pants should hug the body and expose a bit of ankle. If you go for super long pants, then make sure they flare at the knee and completely cover the shoe. This might seem counterproductive to showing off your hot clogs, but people will see your footwear when you sit. For some reason, pants meeting the top of clogs seems really dated.

Left: Shoulder Zip Pullover, $39.50, Gap
Right: Briana Jacket, $130, Banana Republic

Basically, you can wear any top that looks good with your pants that look great with your clogs. But notice how the sweatshirt above dresses down the look, while the blazer elevates it to a more formal level.