NY Times Wedding Announcement Begs The Question: Do You Have A Favorite Shape?

I read the New York Times wedding section every weekend with a mixture of fascination and romanticism. I look for the number of women who “were” employed at a specific profession “before her marriage,” i.e., she’s now married to someone rich and a happy housewife. I count the Ivy League universities and quirky wedding additions, like the couple that registered for goats. But this weekend’s main wedding article gave me something new to think about — do I have a favorite shape? Ana Meier and Daniel Creighton were married this weekend in East Hampton in Long Island, NY. Meier is a furniture designer, which I suppose sort of slightly explains the utter ridiculousness of the Times’ description of the couple’s second date:

They had their next date at a Japanese restaurant, Cube 63, perfect for Ms. Meier, whose favorite shape is the square.

Excuse me, what? Do people actually have favorite shapes in the way they have favorite colors, foods, and flowers? And with such passion that said favorite shape is worthy of a mention in their wedding announcement? Hello, my name is Amelia, and my favorite shape is the trapezoid. My favorite direction is southwest, my favorite equation is the quadratic, and my favorite nail shape is squoval. Sigh. [NY Times]