6 Findings From The Big, Fat U.S. Sex Survey

Get excited! Get very excited. The results of the biggest U.S. sex survey in 16 years are out. Since 1994 researchers at Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion have been studying the way 5,865 people between the ages of 14 and 94 get busy. Six of the most noteworthy findings about our sexual selves after the jump.

  1. The Orgasm Gap. 85 percent of men think their last partner had an orgasm while only 64 percent of women say they had an orgasm with him. Duh. Male confidence never changes, does it?
  2. Teens Use Condoms! It looks like we’ve finally scared our teens into using protection: 79 percent of boys ages 14-17 are wrapping up. Overall condom use for teens is at 61 percent. The kids are alright.
  3. Old White Men Think They’re Above Getting STDs. More Hispanic and African-American men use condoms than white men. White men over 50 use condoms the least. Grandpa, get it together!
  4. Women Like Variety Men are more likely to have an orgasm from vaginal intercourse than women are. A woman’s best chance for orgasm is a variety of acts including oral sex. Yeah, we could have told you that.
  5. Our Sex Has Gotten More Adventurous. Researchers were surprised when they tallied up 41 different combinations of sexual acts that subjects engaged in. Bonus points to the first person to name (or maybe even draw) all 41.
  6. Same-Sex Lovin’ Is On The Rise. A higher number of people who don’t identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual have engaged in same-sex action at some point. Fifteen percent of men ages 50-50 say they have received a BJ from another man.