The Top 10 Gifts Facebook Has Given Us

This weekend, “The Social Network,” a scripted movie about Facebook’s origins, opens nationwide. In honor of this momentous-ish occasion, we’ll be re-running some of our Facebook-related content that you might have missed, illustrating the good, bad, and ugly things the social networking site has brought into our previously status update-free lives. The piece below originally ran in Feb. 2009.

Facebook, the social networking site that has connected more than 150 million of us with people we wouldn’t recognize if we bumped into them on the street, turns five today! In honor of the big day, I’d like to reflect on the gifts that Facebook has given to us over the past five years. After the jump, the top ten gifts for which you can thank Facebook.

  1. Now you know what your best friend in kindergarten ate for dinner last night.
  2. Since you’ve been tagged in all those summer camp photos, your mom doesn’t have to drag them out to show your new boyfriend!
  3. You found out that guy who broke your heart in high school is fat, bald, a cashier, has two ex-wives, and still loves Steely Dan.
  4. Tagging all the pictures of yourself with hot boys makes it so much easier to piss off your ex-boyfriend.
  5. Now you know 25 random things about all 8 of your college roommates.
  6. No need for a real high school reunion.
  7. Virtual pokes are almost as much fun as real ones.
  8. You’ll never again forget a friend’s birthday.
  9. That dude who sat next to you in 8th grade Earth Science class is always willing to chat when you’ve got insomnia.
  10. Hey, you’ve always wanted 337 friends, haven’t you?