Today’s Lady News: 78 Candidates Would Force A Woman To Have A Baby From Rape

  • There are at least 78 political candidates in this year’s midterm elections who would force a woman to give birth to a rapist’s baby. That’s the extreme-of-the-extreme when it comes to opposing legal abortion. [Raw Story]
  • The ex-wife of Bishop Eddie Long, the Georgia megachurch pastor who has been accused of forcing four young men into sex, claimed in 1985 divorce papers that he had a “vicious and violent” temper and physically abused her while she was pregnant. Considering Eddie Long’s opinions on uppity wives who don’t submit to their husbands, this news does not surprise us. [Essence]
  • The U.S. is distributing $27 million in grants to programs in 20 states that fight teen pregnancy and assist young parents. The grants will help with child care, housing, and finishing their educations. [Politics Daily]

  • The U.S. has apologized for allowing medical researchers to intentionally infect hundreds of Guatemalans with gonorrhea and syphilis between 1946 to 1948. Yesterday the government admitted it was an “unethical” experiment and said that it is establishing a commission to ensure that future medical testing around the world meets “rigorous ethical standards.” [MSNBC]
  • Shocker (not): the wage gap between men and women means that when it comes time to retire, some women are screwed. [Wall Street Journal]
  • A small study on domestic violence and sexual assault among women in Alaska has shocking new findings, according to the University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center. Almost 60 percent of women surveyed said they had experienced sexual violence by someone at some point in their lives, or had been subjected to physical violence or threats from an intimate partner. [Alaska Daily News]
  • An employee of New York Waterways, which runs ferry rides to surrounding islands in New York City, has been suspended for telling women to take off their face-covering Muslim veils for “security” reasons. The women said that fellow riders stood up for their rights, but as soon as the ferry captain was alerted to the fracas, the employee who had been hassling them totally changed his tune. “Truly I felt like, you know what? He thinks that we are terrorists,” one of the women told CBS. [CBS Local]
  • An Ohio woman is suing a U.S. House candidate Tom Ganley, claiming her groped her and propositioned her for sex by giving her $100 to buy lingerie. Ganley denies the charges. [AP]
  • Trojan is now selling women’s vibrators in your local pharmacy. Tracy Clark-Flory at asks, is this something we should celebrate? []
  • Jos Truitt from Feministing on how “The Social Network” tells the Facebook story with a sexist slant. [Feministing]


  • Here’s a rather sad photo spread and short film showing how in parts of India, where baby boys are prized over baby girls. NOTE: Previously this line read “where baby girls are prized over baby boys.” That was an error. Thank you, commenters. [MSNBC]
  • Afghani police hijacked a kite-flying event in support of women’s rights. Oh, yeah, and they beat children with sticks. [New York Times]
  • Women in Chechnya are encouraged to adopt stricter Muslim dress code, according to human rights activists. Men who disapprove of how women are dressing do everything from pulling their arms on the street — creepy— to handing out fliers with modest fashion tips. [New York Times]
  • In vitro fertilization increases a woman’s chances of having a baby boy, Australian researchers have found. [CNN]