The Secrets Of Happiness

A dairy firm called Yeo Valley recently surveyed 4,000 adults in Britain about their lifestyles to determine what makes people happy. Think you know what the secret to happiness is? Lots of money? Sex? A happy relationship? Some of the answers may surprise you. Check ‘em out after the jump.

The survey found the following “secrets of happiness”:

Hours of uninterrupted sleep: 6hr 15min
Commute to work: 20min
Home-cooked meals: 5
Exercise a week: 2hr 45min
Time spent outdoors: 2hr 49min
Play with children each day: 2hr
Time with partner: 3hr 58min
Watching TV: 2hr
Nights out a week: 1
Alcoholic drinks a week: 4
Takeaways a week: 1
Weekend breaks a year: 3
Holidays abroad: 2
Hours at work a day: 7hr
15min Meals out a month: 3
Shopping trips a month: 4
Get home from work: 5.42pm

The biggest surprises for me were: sex didn’t even garner a mention; four shopping trips a month seems a bit excessive for an average; seven hours at work, while a little less than norm, still seems a bit much for make people “happy;” I know I’m in the minority and I happen to be childless so sleep is much easier to come by, but I really can’t function well at all on less that seven hours of sleep and I really prefer eight to nine hours each night (6 hours, 15 minutes would make me a cranky person, not a happy one); I don’t know what “15min Meals out” means — do you?

The things that make me happiest: time with my husband; regular s-e-x; hour-long bike rides several times a week; fresh produce from the farmers’ market; designing a pretty home; giving advice that sometimes helps people; visiting long distance friends and family a few times a year; at least one international trip abroad each year; being out of debt; being well-fed (either with home-cooked dishes or wonderful meals out); finding great deals; working from home; getting lost in a good book; having a great hair day at least a couple times a week; listening to music. What makes you happy? [via DailyRecord]