The Many Rehab Centers Of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan continues to fill up her rehab visit punch card, checking into her fifth facility earlier this week. Four more visits and she will get one free! Lohan’s recent rehab stint came as a result of her failing a court mandated drug test—she’s hoping that by doing rehab she can avoid jail time. With this being her fifth facility, it can be hard to keep track of all the places Lilo has sought help. After the jump, the five different places where our favorite “Mean Girl” has tried the 12 steps.

Betty Ford Clinic. The big mama of rehab facilities is currently housing Lindsay and at one time was home to her dad Michael, too, though I don’t think they give family discounts. The Rancho Mirage, California, center is renowned for their treatment of a variety of different dependency problems. Reports say that Lohan’s treatment includes early wake ups, chores, a variety of therapy, and gourmet food. The rehab has a no television and caffeine policy, with phone calls and family visits only allowed on Sundays. But Betty Ford does allow for smoking in some areas, so LiLo is still able to get a bit of fix. [Radar Online]
UCLA Medical Center. Once Lindsay completed her 13 days in jail she was sent to this rehab facility associated with UCLA’s hospital. She was originally scheduled to go to Morningside Recovery, but the judge changed her mind after several psychiatrists said UCLA had the resources to better treat Lohan’s substance and psychiatric issues. Lindsay was released from the medical center early, because doctors believed she was “changed.” Unfortunately, the doctors were proven wrong. [LA Times]
Cirque Lodge. Lohan spent August of 2007 at this Sundance, Utah, facility. Officials from Cirque said that Lohan overstayed her required treatment time, but when you hear about the place who can blame her? It’s located in the mountains above where the Sundance Film Festival is held, and features floor to ceiling windows, private rooms, forest trails, and a lodge setting. Cirque is known for using experiential therapy, which includes sorting out your problems with horses, ropes courses, and mountain biking. Kind of sounds like summer camp. [Cirque Lodge]
Wonderland. Earlier in 2007 Lohan checked into the Wonderland rehab center of West Hollywood. The facility is often criticized for catering to celebs and serving as a resort more than a rehab. And at $58,000 dollars a month, you can certainly say it has a resort price. Occupants are allowed to come and go as they please, use cell phones, go on shopping trips, and bring their animals to the facility. Now, I would certainly think my kitten Perri would help we sort out my problems, but allowing celebs to leave to make movies seems to defeat the purpose of the program. [Jezebel]
Promises. Lohan also made a visit to Promises Treatment Center in Malibu, which also help rehab Britney Spears. The facility treats a variety of addiction ranging from heroin to sexual compulsivity. This means that Promises also uses a mixed bag of treatments as well to help patients overcome their demons. These include art therapy, equine-assisted therapy, psychodrama, along with holistic treatments. Who knew horses were so therapeutic? [Promises]