Score! Athletic Women Have Better Jobs And Make More Money

Even if you were the worst volleyball player on your middle school team, or if your parents dragged you kicking and screaming to basketball practice every week, chances are that you got some serious benefits out of playing an organized sport. A ton of research shows that women who played sports as kids and teens not only went further in their education, but landed better jobs and now make more money. In fact, one study showed that of women in executive positions, 82 percent played an organized sport after elementary school. And in general, while only 1 in 6 women identifies themselves as an “athlete,” that number shoots up to 1 in 2 for women who make $75K a year or more. That’s enough to make you kick a soccer ball around, no?In a great article at the Daily Beast, Danielle Friedman shows that this isn’t simply a correlation—it’s a cause and effect. Women who plays sports learn teamwork and resilience—they understand that their team can get trounced at one game and have a soaring moment of victory next. And it gives them the skills they need to achieve in real life.

So this has me wondering—did you play a sport when you were younger? If so, what? And do you think it’s helped you along the career road?