Everything You Missed At Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary Party

Not that you could have actually gotten in (it’s not you—you’re awesome), but it sounds like Roberto Cavalli’s 40th anniversary fashion week party was completely fabulous. Here’s what you missed (but can daydream about for the rest of the day):

  • For starters it was in Paris (+1 amazingness point) in the beautiful École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts of the Left Bank
  • Celebs like: Anja Rubik, Heidi Klum, blogger Bryan Boy, Tyra Banks
  • Live performance by the lovely Miss Kylie Minogue
  • A giant cake and confetti floating through the air
  • Lavish decorations and plates of delectable desserts. Plus champagne, of course

No idea how Roberto’s ever going to top that. [Fashionista, Jalouse Blog]