David Beckham Accused Of Cheating. Take Three.

David Beckham has been accused of cheating on Victoria again—and this time not by a high class call girl in a tabloid mag. This time the accusations are being hurled by Beverly Hills lawyer Joseph Shebani. Joseph claims his wife, Sheri Shebani—a jewelry designer and close friend of Victoria’s—had an affair with the soccer stud. And he’s taken the allegations all the way to the courtroom. However, Sheri says what her husband says is not true. “[Joseph] accused me of having extra-marital affairs, most often with David Beckham,” she said. “It’s absolutely not true… David Beckham is a nice guy, there is no relationship, nothing. This has nothing to do with David, this is my husband’s craziness… This is a really nasty divorce.”

While Sheri’s husband may be a lawyer, he’s allegedly exhibited some erratic behavior that make his claims less believable. Sheri says, “On my most recent birthday, in front of the children, he yelled at me: ‘I know why you’re upset, it’s your birthday and you didn’t get a text message from David Beckham! Why don’t you ask him to send you a picture of his c*** for your birthday you whore!'”

She apparently got a restraining order against Joseph on August 17, after a fight turned physical. The day after, he allegedly tried to run David Beckham’s car off the road near the private school where both kids’ couples are enrolled. Egads.

What do we think of this story? Part of me is tempted to roll my eyes because this dude sounds nuts and I secretly love the Beckhams. But then again, this is the third allegation, after Irma Nici and the Hungarian model he was spotted with last summer.