Are Silly Bandz The New Pickup Line?

Silly Bandz. Where do I even start? Where did they come from? How did they become popular? What’s the point of them? I don’t get it. They’re annoying. But hey, kids will be kids. And part of being a kid is hopping on the “silly trends” train. Yes, I had slap bracelets in 1990. But Silly Bandz for adult use? Hell no.

Apparently, Silly Bandz are a new flirtation trend for singles in bars and clubs.Instead of buying that hot stranger a drink, or just, say, giving them your digits, people are slipping the object of their desire a Silly Band to show they’re smitten. It supposedly signifies that you want some NSA fun. “I went on a date with a girl. She gave me one. Two days later, another girl gave me another Silly Band. I felt important,” a 32-year-old financial planner told The New York Daily News.

A 27-year-old woman added, “The coolest part is trading them … it doesn’t have your name on it. People can’t track you down.”

People can’t track you down? Isn’t that the point? Don’t you want someone you like to be able to track you down? Someone please tell me this is a joke. The singles world really hasn’t become this pathetic, has it? If someone gave me a Silly Band in a bar I would think they lost their mommy. As long as we are reverting back to acting like kids when it comes to dating, I vote for bringing back the “Do You Like Me? Check Yes, No, or Maybe” note. That was effective … in fifth grade.

What do you think of the Silly Bandz pickup trend? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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