40 Truly Terrible Band Names

bad names slide 1 jpg
While having a conversation about music in The Frisky office this morning, the ladies and I started talking about how there are an awful lot of bands out there with truly terribly names. Yes, we are talking to you—Bulimic Orgy and Hoobastank. In fact, we came up with so many bad band names, that I decided to put them into bad name genres ranging from The Gross to The Cutesy to the Come-On-Are-We-12? Click on for a comprehensive list.

Oh, and I should probably make note that we are going only on names here. There are many bands in this list whose tunes I adore. Archers of Loaf, Death Cab for Cutie, and Pearl Jam, I will always love you. Even if I mock your name for a second.

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