The Origins Of The Oprah Winfrey/ David Letterman Feud Revealed

David Letterman finally revealed the origins of his notorious feud with Oprah Winfrey to guest Jon Stewart. Many have speculated the Big O was pissed about Letterman’s 1995 Oscar speech, comparing Uma [Thurman] and Oprah. It was that whole “Uma, Oprah, Oprah, Uma” bit. But that wasn’t really where the beef started.The feud actually started because of a prank he played on her a long time ago. When on vacation, having lunch at the same restaurant, Letterman thought it would be funny to ask the waiter to put his meal on Oprah’s tab. Letterman left the restaurant, waved at Oprah, and let her foot his bill. Oprah neglected to find the humor in the situation and has been carrying a grudge ever since.

Is it wrong that I think that’s hilarious? [Time]