Rachel Bilson Is Now A Style Blogger And Advisor For Sunglass Hut

It’s become clear that companies are now convinced that fashion blogs and social networking (whatever that means to you) are the answer. This is blatantly apparent in Sunglass Hut’s latest online initiative, casting Rachel Bilson as the company’s new style advisor and blogger. What this means: photo shoots of Rachel Bilson clad in Sunglass Hut products in which she cultivates a look and writes about trends like “retro prim” or metallics. (And by “writes,” we assume this means “written carefully by a PR team so as to strategically mention as many product names as possible.”) You can also ask Rachel sunglasses-related style questions, on which, apparently, she is an expert … We submitted our own question: “Dear Rachel, why do people wear sunglasses inside and do you have to be a celebrity to do this?” Rachel never responded, so we guess our question didn’t qualify as a pressing style issue. But, however, if you want to know if a pair of Ray-Ban aviators comes with a case, she’ll happily answer all your product inquiries. [Sunglass Hut]