Our Makeout Session Confessions

There’s nothing like a good makeout sesh in a forbidden location. Well, sometimes. Over here in NYC there’s not much privacy, so sometimes we have to get creative about where we get it on. Bar bathrooms, taxis, park benches, stairwells, any semi-private nook will do when you’re really hot to trot. After the jump, some makeout tales. Tell us, where have you gotten down and dirty?

“I went to a friend’s work party at her office and I met a hot guy there. We found a little conference room to make out in. Only problem was, we were so into getting it on that we didn’t notice the sign saying the door was broken. We managed to lock ourselves in. We had to use all of our combined strength to break out of there. It kind of added to the excitement.”

”It was 4 a.m. and this dude and I were leaving a club. I was in college so I couldn’t bring him back to my dorm. Instead we decided to get busy in an abandoned lot where they were doing construction. We climbed into one of the bulldozers and he went down on me. I still think about how dirty that was. Not like dirty kinky, like dirty dirty. I left there covered in dust. Gross.”

”I made out with the lead singer of the band Beulah in the back of a cab. That was awesome.”

“I am ashamed to say I gave a guy a blowie on my balcony because my college roommate was asleep in our bedroom. I hope no innocent people on the street were unfortunate enough to have to see that.”

“Once, an amorous embrace in a dive bar bathroom stall was interrupted by a bro puking in the urinal.”

”I’d just gone to a work party, where the drinks were flowing freely, when I met up with a guy I’ve had a bit of a crush on for a while. We made out for more than an hour in a doorway outside a bar, before getting in a cab to go back to my place. And then—I passed out. For the first time since freshman year of college, I swear. When I woke up, at first I felt like I was home in bed—and then I realized I was with this guy, who was yelling my name on repeat, totally panicked. I actually felt fine and after apologizing profusely said, ‘I feel like I touched a nerve there.’ He nodded and said, ‘Yeah, my dad is an alcoholic.’ He didn’t get out of the car at my place, and continued home. And he hasn’t responded to an email of mine since.”

“There’s a room above the kitchen in my parents’ house with this cool spiral staircase leading up to it. It’s the room where they put overnight guests. It also happens to be really far away from my parents’ bedroom, so my older brother and I always used to hook up with our boyfriends and girlfriends there because no one would catch us. No joke: with all the action going on up there, we broke the bed. My mom was, like, ‘Why is the bed up there broken?!’ One day a year ago she met with the son of the people who built our house back in the ’40s. Apparently that little room above the kitchen was the ‘maid’s quarters.’ But the son told my mom that on weekends the maid would go home to her own family and kids would go make out on her bed, so they called it the ‘necking room.’ I’m proud to be keeping the tradition alive!”

“I gave a guy a BJ on a bar stairwell once.”

“It was the end of a great date with an awesome guy. I was definitely not going back to his place, but I wouldn’t have minded some kissing in the cab ride home. The plan was to make two stops and drop him off first. We had started holding hands and it was clear that we were about to make out in the cab. However, when we got in the cab, the cabbie had such bad BO that the mood was completely spoiled. All I could do was hold my held out the window like a sick dog.”