“Lost” Alums Get Found In “Breaking Dawn,” “Mission Impossible”

It looks like casting directors have found the newly unemployed actors of “Lost.” News came this week that Maggie Grace, who played Flight 815 passenger Shannon, will grace the screen in “Breaking Dawn.” She’ll play Irina, a vampire of the Denali clan who has serious beef with the Cullens. [People]

Meanwhile, Josh Holloway has landed his first post-“Lost” role.
The man formerly known as Sawyer will be one of Tom Cruise’s mission compatriots in “Mission Impossible 4.” Jeremy Renner will also be joining them in the flick, so we get a serious dose of hotness.

I’m happy Josh landed this role. When “Lost” ended, Josh said that he’d audition for movies for two years before doing another TV show. So congrats to him on booking a high-profile flick so quickly. [NYMag.com]

I wonder what Evangeline and Matthew Fox are up to?