1993 Time Machine: An Ode To Evan Dando And Juliana Hatfield

In honor of my tickets to see Juliana Hatfield and Evan Dando in concert TOGETHER … TONIGHT, I thought we could take a stroll down my memory lane, circa 1993. All I have to do is hear any song from Become What You Are by the Juliana Hatfield Three, especially “Spin the Bottle,” which was featured in “Reality Bites,” and I am magically teleported back to the summer after my sophomore year of high school.

I bought the Become What You Are CD after I listened to it with my friend Elizabeth. I put the track “Mabel” on repeat, a moody song about a mentally ill woman. It moved me. This was probably a warning sign that I would soon enter my angst-ridden, goth phase of life, but for the time being I was happy to aspire to be an alternative rock goddess and hang out at the brand-new local coffee shop, Seattle Espresso. This was pre-Starbucks and the coffee house scene was just blossoming. I was only moments away from meeting Danny Bonfiglio, my Jordan Catalano. Side note: Juliana Hatfield actually guest-starred on “My So-Called Life” as a homeless angel. I just remembered that. Ha!

Speaking of crushes, I only had eyes for one celeb and his name was Evan Dando of the Lemonheads. They had released “It’s A Shame About Ray” in 1992. It was kind of the precursor for me getting into Juliana because she briefly dated Evan and played with the Lemonheads for a hot minute. His spread from People in the “50 Most Beautiful People” issue was plastered in my locker. It didn’t matter that he admitted to being a junkie. I wanted to become what he was, just sans heroin and crack. I even took up the guitar that summer. It was short-lived. I started shopping at the Salvation Army and Savers much to the dismay of my mother. I wore Doc Martins with knee-high argyle socks, velour tops, and corduroys. Probably not my best fashion move. But who cares? I was content. I didn’t have much of a care in the world. Things got slightly more complicated after that. Sigh. Good times, good music.