10 Celebrities Who Hate Totally Random Stuff

weird celeb dislikes g1 jpg
I can totally respect the fact that everyone has their likes and dislikes, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m going to spare them if they’re totally wacky. It’s come to our attention that Tori Spelling hates water. Which would maybe explain her low body weight … she’s just ultra-dehydrated! The reality TV star said, “I hate water! I’m never thirsty actually. I don’t drink water.” And not drinking water has another interesting side effect: “I don’t sweat. Isn’t that weird?” Spelling admits that she’ll take a sip of her homemade sparkling water “if I have to.” Yeah, you do kinda have to! It’s our frickin’ life force. Haven’t you seen “Waterworld”?! [People]

Anyway, turns out celebrities are total weirdos who dislike all sorts of random things, so we’ve rounded them up for your amusement!

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