Which Single Woman Stereotype Are You?

In my early 20s, I’d say I was an Organic Slow and Steady. When I was engaged to my fiance, I definitely thought of myself as a Ritual Re-Inventor. And after our breakup? A Phoenix, baby. Nowadays, I’d consider myself an Organic Someday Mom Trailblazer. What the hell am I talking about? These monikers are just some of the 12 “categories of single women” outlined in Michelle Cove’s Seeking Happily Ever After: Navigating the Ups and Downs of Being Single Without Losing Your Mind (and Finding Lasting Love Along the Way). MarieClaire.com has the full list of single woman types and their brief explanations, writing that Cove “interviewed more than 100 women and talked to them about how relationships based on what they think they should want often leave them unhappy. She tried to determine what it was that they truly wanted — in the process, getting readers to think a little more deeply about what their dream relationship might really be like.” Interestingly, I found that a single “stereotype” described “what I truly wanted” more accurately in the context of a relationship (or former relationship) with one man. It’s when I was single and not heartbroken — before him and now — that my feelings on what I truly want have been revealed to be much more complicated.

Check out the full list of “single female stereotypes” over at MarieClaire.com and then tell us in the comments which, if any or multiple, describe you. Or, you know, if you think the whole process of determining your single woman stereotype is, um, stupid. [Marie Claire]