The Women Who Might Be Taking Lindsay Lohan’s Roles

I think when Lindsay Lohan started getting into trouble with the law, no one was particularly concerned and assumed that she would eventually find her way out. But it’s become clear that Lindsay’s really going for that rock bottom. And while the starlet has posted bail and entered yet another rehab facility, a few producers are worried that she won’t get her act together in time to be involved in their films, including the Linda Lovelace biopic “Inferno.” So who’s going to replace LiLo on the big screen? Find out after the jump. The producers of “Inferno” have said repeatedly that they’re going to stand behind Lindsay. They even moved production from Louisiana to Los Angeles in case her judge bars her from leaving the state. But insiders say that they have a back-up plan “just in case” Lindsay continues to be indisposed. The two actresses who might replace Lindsay are Taryn Manning (“8 Mile”) and Elisha Cuthbert (“The Girl Next Door”). Apparently, Elisha’s rep already denied that she would have anything to do with the flick. And not to be critical, but could those casting calls be any more random? Have the producers ever seen a picture of Linda Lovelace? She’s kind of a normal-looking brunette who plucked her eyebrows too much; I’m sure there are plenty of actresses who fit that bill. And with all the talk about Lindsay preparing for the role and it being her comeback movie, don’t they realize it’s guaranteed more press if they wait for Lindsay? Plus, Lindsay would probably be devastated if they replaced her. [I’m Not Obsessed]

Lindsay was also meant to star in the upcoming “One Night With You,” a role which was created for her. It’s apparently about an actress whose public scandals ruin her career and her agent signs her up for a reality dating show, hoping it will turn things around. But now Taylor Swift is apparently being considered for the role. The writer/producer Richard O’Sullivan took to his website to voice his frustrations, saying, “We’ve had financing ready to come to the table for the damned thing for almost a year now. But we can’t put ink to paper, block out dates, and start rolling until we’re reasonably assured that she isn’t gonna wind-up dead or incarcerated for a very long time.” I can imagine after fighting to have a movie made, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to put everything on ice because your leading lady can’t get it together. Another source confirmed that the producers have been considering Taylor Swift for several months but had to wait for the singer to get back from tour. I love Taylor Swift, but I’d believe her being scandalous just about as much as I would believe Gwyneth Paltrow playing a drunken country singer. [Radar Online]

If you twisted my arm, I guess I would suggest that Emma Stone fill that place in our hearts that used to be occupied by Lohan. But don’t tell Lindsay I said that. I’m not sure why I care so much about the well-being of Lindsay Lohan. Maybe it’s because I see some of myself in her apparent pain? She had so much going for her and just keeps getting let down by her own insecurities and depending on people who don’t care about her, like her parents. And sure, she’s made some admittedly bad career moves (re: “I Know Who Killed Me”). But “Mean Girls” was a thing of beauty and she was so good with Jamie Lee Curtis in “Freaky Friday.” And remember when she was just a precocious little ginger kid in “The Parent Trap”?

I know it might be futile to believe that Lindsay will get through this drug addiction downfall, but I’ve still got faith, dammit! Let’s break out the “Free Lindsay” T-shirts and start a support group or something. Unless I’m the only one, in which case, who do you think should replace Lindsay in her upcoming roles?