Quickies: “Glee”‘s Britney Episode Broke Record & Kurt Cobain’s Letter To MTV

  • Last night’s Britney Spears-themed episode of “Glee” broke the show’s ratings record. [Just Jared]
  • Comedian Greg Giraldo has died after an accidental prescription drug overdose. [Dlisted]
  • Seth Rogen has proposed to his longtime girlfriend, writer and actress Lauren Miller. [The Huffington Post]
  • Hollywood film editor Sally Menke, who worked with Quentin Tarantino on all of his films including “Pulp Fiction,” was found dead on a hiking trail in Los Angeles yesterday. Yesterday was the hottest day LA has seen in 133 years (113 degrees) and it’s possible extreme heat could have played a part in her untimely death. [Bumpshack]

  • Despite Kate’s plea to watch, the underrated new show “Lone Star” has already been canceled. [ONTD]
  • Kurt Cobain penned a pissy letter to MTV in 1993, telling the channel, “We will survive without you easily.” The looseleaf rant is now up for auction, with bids starting at $500. The best part is Cobain signed the letter, “Kurdt Kobain xxx professional rock musician.” [Paste Magazine]
  • Here’s an ongoing list of the many, many words blacklisted by Google Instant. Among them? “Deep throat,” “women rapping,” and “fecal.” Okay then. [2600.com]
  • These ridiculous newspaper headlines are really hilarious. [Maxim.com]
  • Dallas Cowboy Roy Williams has finally gotten his revenge against rookie Dez Bryant, who broke with tradition and refused to carry Williams’ pads to practice. That nearly $55,000 bill had to hurt. [FListed]