It Happened In Florida: The Craziest Headlines From The Sunshine State

florida pizza jpg
In Fort Lauderdale, a popular pizza joint, Squiggy’s, has decided to double their customers’ pleasure. They’ve volunteered their kitchen as the set for two porno videos made by “Pervert Pete” at According to people who have actually seen the film (I’d rather spend my $1.95 on an actual slice of pizza), there are some really fun moments. Like the scene where a man and woman do the horizontal polka in Squiggy’s industrial-sized sink, or the part where a male orgasm that coincides with the line, “There’s your calzone, baby!” And the crowning glory, when a pastry bag of cannolli cream is used in creative ways. [Broward Palm Beach New Times]

I love making the “of course it happened in Florida” joke, but people, it’s true. After the jump, some of the most WTF headlines from the Sunshine State.

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