Britney Spears Gleeks Out: All 3 Of Her “Glee” Cameos

Hark, what blonde from yonder TV breaks? Last night was, of course, the much hyped Britney Spears episode of “Glee.” I was surprised to see that the spoilers got a few things wrong. The basic premise of the episode was that Kurt and others wanted to sing Britney Spears, while Brittany was thoroughly opposed to the idea because, as it turns out, her full name is Brittany S. Pears and she’s been living in her sound-a-like’s shadow. Britney herself did make a cameo in the episode—three of them, to be exact—but not as John Stamos’ dental receptionist as we expected. Instead, she was a figment of the Gleeks’ imagination, appearing in their anesthesia-induced dental dreams. First she appears to Brittany in the clip above, when she and Santana’s visions intermingle into “Me Against The Music.”

Next, Britney appeared to Rachel, playing the teacher in her rendition of “Baby One More Time.”

And finally, Britney appeared to Artie, as a Cheerio telling Tina why she was so wrong to dump him, right launching into “Stronger.”

Was “Britney/Brittany” everything you were hoping for and more, or did you turn off the TV disappointed?