Shades Made Simple: A Few Rules For Wearing Sunglasses

Even though the leaves are falling and temperatures are cooling down, it’s never the wrong season for sunglasses. I say this as an admitted eyewear addict: the other day a friend of mine shifted slightly in the backseat of my car and was buried in a mini avalanche of sunglasses I’d been hoarding behind her headrest.

“Do you really need to keep mirrored Lolita shades with you at all times?” she asked, picking a hot pink pair out of the pile.

“You never know,” I said. “You just never know.”

Here are my top three rules for the responsible and enjoyable wearing of sunglasses … 1. Don’t wear your sunglasses at night (or indoors).

The only situations where this is acceptable is if you’re experiencing a severe migraine or attending a Corey Hart-themed party (or maybe both — God help you.).

2. When choosing frames, use the rule of opposites.

If you have a round face, look for angular frame shapes. Those with square faces should check out rounder styles. As a general rule, larger sunglasses are more flattering than smaller ones, and can also better disguise a hangover.

3. Have fun with your shades.

Sunglasses are an easy and inexpensive way to change up your look. A simple black dress paired with round Jackie O shades makes a much different statement than the same dress worn with sleek aviators or blue plaid wayfarers. Don’t be afraid to try on bolder frames than you think you can pull off: you might surprise yourself.

[Pictured: White Vintage Sunglasses, $9.99]