17 Cheap Dates Men Actually Like

We here at The Frisky love a good cheap date, and so do the guys at Esquire.com. So we got together and created two great guides for cheap dates: one for women and one for men. Check out our cheap date suggestions on Esquire.com: “17 Cheap Dates That She’ll Actually Like.” As for what the Esquire.com guys say they want in a cheap date, find out after the jump.1. A tour of the local brewery. Because wine tasting? Really?

What we said: wine tasting.

2. A pig roast. Because it’s a real double date. Probably triple, come to think of it.

What we said: a picnic in the park.

3. A little help with shopping. For us. Because we trust you.

What we said: karaoke.

4. A free concert. Because if you’re willing to stand on line for the first hour, we know you care.

What we said: a free concert!

5. A free comedy show. Because if you’re willing to sit through open-mic night for the first hour, we know you like to laugh.

What we said: that cool new band.

6. The art-house movie. Because we like French films, too. As long as there are gangsters.

What we said: a sunset for two.

7. The best pizza place in town. Ditto.

What we said: the sushi bar.

8. The flea market. Because as long as there’s decent food somewhere, you don’t even have to buy anything.

What we said: the farmer’s market.

9. A bike ride. Because always.

What we said: a bicycle built for two.

10. A road trip. Because anywhere.

What we said: a nature hike.

11. Exactly ninety minutes at an art museum. Because we like them, but we also like their bars.

What we said: a museum visit!

12. Two days at a spa. Because what’s wrong with a massage? Also: no facials.

What we said: a full-body massage.

13. Three days in the middle of nowhere. Because what’s wrong with a B&B? Still: no facials.

What we said: horseback riding.

14. Four days in the mountains. Because no Wi-Fi.

What we said: a bookstore crawl.

15. Five days at your parents’ house. Because as long as they’re on vacation, we’re on vacation.

What we said: window-shopping at Ikea.

16. Football. Because: please?

What we said: putt-putt.

17. Watching “Mad Men” together. Because there’s nothing wrong with lying on the couch together. Or Christina Hendricks, for that matter. Right? Sorry.

What we said: the “Mad Men” date!