Why Do I Read Blogs Written By People I Don’t Like?

I have a weird confession to make, but I suspect I am not alone. I read blogs written by people I don’t like. I can think of two blogs written by people I don’t like that I read daily — dare I say, almost obsessively. And I can think of two more blogs that I read once a week, also written by people I don’t like. To be clear, I’m not talking about people whom I disagree with politically. It’s not like I’m a regular reader of Karl Rove’s blog. (OK, Karl Rove doesn’t have a blog, but he is on Twitter!) They’re all personal blogs. And I hate to admit this, but they’re all written by women. And they’re all quasi-confessional in nature. So, what gives?

Two of the women bloggers are pretty successful, and I wonder if part of why I read them is that I’m jealous in some way of their success. I read them, and maybe somewhere in the back of my head I’m thinking, “What did she do to get such a big following?” At the same time, reading their blogs is akin to watching a slow-moving train wreck. They all fall into the category of over-sharers, and they share way more about themselves than (I’d like to think) I’d ever share online.

In a way, I think it’s that last bit that’s the real tell as to why I read them. While I occasionally do some more confessional blogging or from time to time share personal stuff here and there, I wouldn’t say I fall into the category of a TMI blogger by a long shot. (Although, that’s all a matter of perspective, I suppose.) I wonder if what I am interested in with these other women bloggers and their lives lived openly online is how they have the ability to share so much of themselves, even if it oftentimes makes them look foolish, crazy, or silly.

Do you read blogs written by people you “don’t like”?