What Do You Spend Money On And What Do You Save On?

Lately, I’ve got money on the brain. So when my bag broke a few weeks ago, I couldn’t decide what I should buy to replace it. For a variety of reasons, my shopping prospects were limited when I went to buy it on the fly. I went to a variety of boutiques, some of which were high-end. Either the bags were affordable and I didn’t like them, or I loved them and they were, oh, $250 to $600. Which I think is sort of absurd. Don’t get me wrong. If you’re willing to pay several hundred dollars for a well-made, real-leather bag, more power to you. I’m sure it’ll last forever. After all, not long ago, I was eying a pair of $160 jeans. But bags are something I’ve never really spent a lot of money on. It seems like the styles go in and out of fashion so fast that I’d rather buy a cheap one I can replace in six months. The last one I bought was from H&M. I’m sure I didn’t spend more than $30 on it.

Finally, I got sick of fondling $500 purses that I couldn’t bear to spend that much money on, and I wandered up the street and strolled into the local St. Vincent de Paul. If you shop vintage, kudos to you. Mostly, I avoid it. Since I’m over six-feet tall, it’s really hard for me to find anything that fits with such limited size choices. Also, there’s something about buying already worn clothes that kind of creeps me out. A handbag, though? Well, it wasn’t like buying a pair of second-hand underpants.

Awesomely, there were about 100 purses to chose from. A lot of them were totally hideous, some of them were over-worn and stained, but a few were cute. I’d actually been pining for a replacement for another cheap bag I bought a year or two ago at Target. It was one giant sack: a big strap, a snap on top, and a lavender exterior coupled with a neon green interior. It was maybe $26. I got compliments from strangers.

Lo’ and behold, amidst the disco gold clutches and grandma’s black handbags, I found the red version of that same Target purse. The price was written in pen on the inside of a pocket: $16. For some reason I never discovered, it was half off: $8. I bought it, and I love it.

So, what do you spend a lot of money on and what do you save your dimes on?