How Do You Deal With A Bad Haircut?

Have you ever had a really bad time at a hair salon? Recently I went to a salon to get a dye job — a well-known salon with what seemed like a good reputation. After an expensive and not very pleasurable experience (in which the salon owner told me I shouldn’t come back unless I was prepared to maintain my look), I started to ask myself why do we put ourselves in positions to trust people who, most likely, have nothing invested in us or our hair?My friends and I started reminiscing about all of the awful times we’ve had at the hair dresser — and I have to say there is a pattern. Some of my friends have repeatedly gone to the same stylist even though they have never been satisfied with the sub-par cuts they have left with. Other friends (sad to say, I am also in this category) have gone to get trims and have ended up with barely any hair left. We pay, we tip, and then we go home and cry.

What a lot — not all, but quite a few — hairdressers seem to say to us plebeians when we come into their realm is, “We know best so don’t question us.” And we want to believe them! This is why we spend mass quantities of time and money and give our heads over to their shears. Sure, they’re the “experts” but we’re the ones that have to live with the good (or bad) job they do. Too many times I’ve walked away from a haircut or color less-than-satisfied, but unable to really articulate it or fix it. Instead, I go home with a crappy cut and try to fix it myself. And I know I’m not the only one!

How do we open up a line of communication that still allows for their skill and interpretation — because let’s face it, they are professionals — but also allows us to leave with a quaff we love?

Have you had an atrocity done to your hair? How did you fix it?